Water Is A Basic Right


By Matt Paul

April 4, 2019

Water is a basic right.

The statement that our prime minister made thanking the protesters for their donation was not as offensive as helpful to these people who showed up at a fundraiser. Instead of chastising him for being uncaring and obtuse in face of over 87 communities without adequate drinking water these protesters should have read between the lines.

We have established that the government will run a deficit of $20 billion dollars next year in addition to the spending already on the books. If a deficit of $20 billion dollars is acceptable then funding the drinking water problem fixes is a choice and a political one at that. The Prime Minister and his political advisors must feel that of all the issues that they campaigned on and that matter to Canadians at present, First Nations, Truth and Reconciliation and this fundamental right in these many remote communities is farther down the list.

There must not be enough political capital in funding these projects and creating the jobs necessary to solve the problem. Not enough votes gained by completing a promise. Not enough votes lost by not completing a promise. So little importance is the issue and the people fighting for it in the Prime Minister’s eyes that he can chance being caught on social media disrespecting these protesters and have it spread viral.

So the reading between the lines is that if these protesters want the water situation resolved they need to change the clothes, dawn suites and become corrupt and involved in the corruption to affect the changes they desire. They need to instead of being offended by the lack of dignity and respect afforded to them by the establishment, keep silent, bury their discontent and soldier on, onto the battlefield where rights and won and lost. That battlefield is the political world as defined currently which has not fundamentally changed in hundreds if not thousands of years.

How often in this world are governments or politicians doing anything because it is the right thing to do?

The answer is not now and only rarely if it serves a purpose.

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