My First Legal Weed Experience


By RoseMary Jane Morrison

March 2, 2019

So I finally decided to buy some legal Canadian weed – I know, I know – everyone already written about, but hey,  I’m a stoner, so I kinda delayed on this, just bit.

Since I’m in Ontario, I had no choice but go online to the government website to purchase my weed. I’ve always been able to look at and smell the buds I planned on smoking, that way I could determine how fresh or mouldy or potentially potent my purchase would be. Since that option is not available, I had to simply pick by different methods: whether its an indica, sativa or hybrid and what’s it’s THC and CBD count is, things I never cared about in my search for primo chronic before, ever.


So after a bit of browsing through roughly 80 types of cannabis for sale, I picked The Quadra from Broken Coast. Most of the strains of weed I never heard of, presuming everyone has mixed up the basic strains in a mish mash of breeding whatever with whatever. I mean, the seeds for sale on the website looked all premature, deficient, small pale things.

I was trying to go for the highest amount of THC content and was hoping for a 22%, which lower than what I am used to, but I couldn’t find anything past the mid-20’s. When the weed arrived however, it only said 16% on the packaging, so I guess I lost the THC lottery.

I ordered the goods on a Monday and it arrived on the Friday. It said 1-3 days delivery on the website, but since I know some of the first orders were a couple of months late and the news is always screaming about the Great Canadian Legal Weed Shortage, I was pleased that it only took 5 days to get to me. I mean, I had my own stuff to smoke as I waited anyway, so it’s not like I was desperate or something.

It came in a plastic bottled sealed tight for my protection. When I unsealed it and took a whiff, I automatically knew it was not fresh stuff. I had trouble determining if it was simply stale or the the bleakness of a dehumidifier system used for fast commercial drying. I decided to weigh the goods up and my 3.5 gram order (aka: half quarter or eight (ounce)) came to 3.47 grams, better than most dealers, I got to admit.


So I break up the tightly packed bud, with no heavy sweet dank odour to fill my nose in anticipation, unfortunately.  I roll it up and test out the goods.

As I suspected, it wasn’t that nice fresh pungent flavour I love, however, it wasn’t all that bad. It was a nice clean smoke, clear of any chemical residue, that was easy to consume – no harsh coughing fits. It did fulfill it’s promise on a citrus-like taste, a candy-type added bonus. The buzz was nice, not too crazy.

I have no problem getting hooked up with an awesome bag of personal anytime I want, like most Canadians, but I can see myself ordering the odd bud online and perhaps check out a cannabis shop, if I could find one, when they open up this spring in Ontario, maybe.

Puff Puff Pass…



UPDATE: We reached our fundraising goal of $5000, but will always accept more funds, so keep donating and we will keep producing…

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