More Access to Help People with Problems


By Matt Paul

January 13, 2019

One question to ponder:

Where is government getting the idea that people want more potential intrusions into their lives?

After working 40 hours at a job that pays just enough to eat, a person goes out to have a beer or a mixed drink. If they have a few drinks and they drive they are a mortal danger to society. If they smoke a joint or two they are a double threat.

In order to help us and protect us Police are now able to knock on these peoples doors and request a sample to support a charge of impairment that will no doubt force this problem to be treated and resolved. We all know that Police are only there to help us poor wayward souls. They are such honest and wonderful people of integrity that the legislators have granted their evidence special weight so that they need not be questioned on some of it when it is presented in Court.

We vote in legislators who apparently consult with us and make laws for us that we want. With an election coming up next year I am wondering how much time will be spend discussing drinking and driving or smoking and driving. If we look at a ton of the high functioning and wealthy people in our society we find a pattern of substance use and abuse at a level commensurate with their access to purchase it which is limitless. These people also have access to lawyers with such ease that obviously a law allowing the Police to come to a wealthy persons home up to 2 hours after an alleged impaired incident would be easily fought by the wealthy person’s attorney. We would term this as a minor irritation to a person of means.

If we look at a person without, who has no access to legal advice on standby, who may be living in subsidized housing with security who would provide access to this person’s unit and who when faced with inquiries from the police may be less likely to comply or counter the police process with an attorney we see how this recent legislative direction can only be meant to inconvenience and further re-enforce the oppression of our lower earners. The potential to add more money to the courts in billable hours is not real as the majority of these targeted individuals will use state funds to defend themselves hence the net effect of this legislation will be another tax on society to solve a problem that over the past 20 years has been given a spotlight however only about 2 percent of accidents according to the OPP’s data involved alcohol (2010).

I think there are other priorities that we can have our protectors look into.  If they want more powers and more money in their budgets they should ask people who vote and live in their communities, not create sneaky new laws that will erode personal freedoms and increase their budgets by default.


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