Save Me From The Fashion Warrior

super dress

By Charlie Foxtrot

January 9, 2018

I heard on the news the other day, as if for some reason this tripe is actually important news to fine folks, anyway, apparently the new fad to save the world is when a famous actress wear a really expensive dress… with tons of meaning, of course. It’s posted on social media with some cause attached to the dress like some cheap accessory for entertainment purposes so all the snooty people could laugh and cheer and have fun.

Among many trendy fashion statements listed, there was some supposedly heroic event at one point and all the glamour actresses wore black dresses in support of sexual assault survivors. Of course no one wants to see anybody done bad to like that, and I tell you people, if I ever was let alone with a feller who done such a thing to a lady, or I guess now-a-days it includes men too, well, I guess I might end up in jail… where I’ll finish the rest of them off!

Don’t think I am sexist or nothing, but I can’t see wearing a dress as activism. I mean, I don’t see any action. Has any rapists gone to jail cuz some rich lady paid her artsy designer to make her look as hot as possible in black? I highly doubt it. Are women safe to not get raped anymore? Unfortunately not. Does anyone feel any better cuz some well known person who is safe from all harm in their ivory tower, wore a dress and Tweeted about the cause passionately?

There are serious activists out there doing some real action, like in the line of fire action. Many of them are in jails cuz of it and in the end if they are lucky to survive through the suffering, they will change some silly law that shouldn’t have ever been invented so that others don’t have to endure the same pain that they had to. Like those suffragette ladies or Mandela.

I say, if some lady went out there and tore up her black dress and took a good swing at every scum bag that messed with someone who didn’t deserve it and that action inspires every other woman to go out there and beat up on rapists, well, that might make those spineless beings stop doing harm if they can’t get away with it anymore. Now that would be activism!

Seriously, take some action and take a stand ladies cuz some lady half way across the world choosing the right outfit on social media is not going to save you.


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