POLITICS: Run Independent, Vote Independent

vote indy

By Jeannette Tossounian

January 8, 2019

There seems to be very little in the way of issues put on the election plate this year, or at least so far. It’s like the parties are keeping it all mundane while Canadians struggle more and more every day with issues just piling on their backs. Canadians are just so sick of party politics and it’s quite apparent that the fight over parties is what has been killing democracy in Canada. News and commentaries are all filled with a frenzy of hate for one party or another. The only thing it accomplishes is driving Canadians away from politics altogether.

However, we don’t have to be forced to digest the political party system. There is another option – elect Independents.

Remember the days when politicians were individuals who were not afraid to say what they thought and spoke from the heart no matter what party they belonged to – and still be respected? Yes, those days actually existed once in Canada, back when people felt that Canada was truly the best democratic country in the world. Those days are long gone.

Now it’s all about hate focused on one party and tearing apart the poor puppet they elected as leader for everyone to release all their hate on.  Imagine if all the elected officials were elected independently, how can you blame each individual? Politicians would have to be responsible for their individual actions. Candidates would have to be decent production smart people in order to get elected… imagine.

But no, politicians have no choice but to represent the party and only the party, which means it’s become impossible to the represent their constituents, you know, the people.

So then who’s voting for these party people? Well the party people, of course.

I have been a member of political parties before in the past and the process just to get a candidate is chosen by a handful of people. It’s all about who’s for the party and nothing to do with the Canadian people. Having the party experience and knowing exactly how a party chooses their candidate and how the process on making laws have nothing to do with the health and wellbeing of Canadians at all… well, it makes me sad.

As a matter of fact, in 2011 when I was considering running as an Independent in the Ontario Provincial election, I was asked by, what is considered to be a fringe party, to run as their representative  in my riding that year. They assured me that I would be free to express my own independent platform, as long as I fundraise and advertise the party in all my ads and speeches. Basically, they didn’t care what I did, as long as I did it for the party. I refused and was nominated to run as an Independent instead, where I focused on the people and the things which have meaning to them, because in the end, that’s what is most truly important.

A government made up of Independents is not impossible. Certainly no political party in power is going to bring forth eliminating political parties, it has to come from the action of the Canadian people. It’s perfectly legal to run as an Independent in an election and it’s perfectly legitimate to vote in an Independent.

In order for people to vote in Independents, people need to run as Independent. There are very little requirements needed to run as a candidate. All one needs is a passion to serve the people, to believe in what you are saying and to say what you believe in. So if you feel driven and think you could do a better job, you probably can. Just fill out the paperwork and you’re in, just go to the Elections Canada  ‘How to become a candidate’ page.

People are so sick of hearing fake speeches and go in automatic shut-off mode when a politician is reading from a piece of paper something that someone else wrote for them. A real voice is refreshing. So get on top of that podium and speak from the heart.

Go door knocking and don’t bother selling people your platform. Instead, ask people what their issues are and truly listen to them, especially those not on the voters list, because the parties are not targeting them and they are likely to register as voters if they felt that someone was listening to them and will actually work for them – the parties obviously already failed them and they have no confidence in party system enough to go and vote. As far as most are concerned, it doesn’t matter which party gets in because they’re all going to do the same thing anyway.

So think about voting for an Independent candidate, or at least consider them in your selection of choices if one seems to represent what you politically believe in. If you have something to say about politics, run as an Independent. You don’t need to raise money or campaign, just sign up, talk to media and debate. Just say what you believe in.

Run as an Independent in 2019 if you believe in Canada. Don’t worry if you’re not a ‘perfect’ person. There’s already too many elected officials too busy looking at themselves in the mirror and not looking towards the Canadian people.

Join the Facebook group Run Independent – Vote Independent!



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