Bring Back the Punk

By Matt Paul

January 4, 2019

Music – Punk Hardcore – Montreal

If anyone thinks about punk rock, it is all about anti oppression and messing with the establishment who deemed corrupt. Many of us fringe punkers and even punksters grew up and on to our establishment jobs and families that live well within the established norms of society. What of those that refused and continue to break the mould.

I recently had a run in with the police in Rockland and needed some legal help. Where did I find it?

From the Vomit Squad front man Rick.

Not sure if that is his real name, however this bloke is off the hook. His legal mind and thorough research skills had the L’Orignal Crown Attorney tongue tied and the crown’s case went up in smoke. If you have a listen to these tracks from James’ band you will gaze through a window into the underground scene that many people grew out of long ago.

I am not saying I am casting off my establishment garb and going to the punk lifestyle but the music and passion is not without logic and in reality the Judge agreed with the punker. Vomit Squad is worth  a look.

Here is a link to the songs and a live performance of the band…


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