Yellow Vests – Caution or just what we need?


By Matt Paul

December 31, 2018

Originating in France this year The Yellow Vests movement or yellow jackets numbers may be in the 500,000 range and have been demonstrating since November. A protest group concerned with economic issues affecting people in France came to the fore front in association with France’s planned diesel tax. The protesters are fighting for the lower and middle classes in Europe.

The Yellow Vests in Canada first showed themselves in numbers at a rally on Parliament Hill protesting the United Nations Migration Pact which is an agreement regarding the movement of people and rights globally. Some Canadians are looking at their budgets and thinking about wages, fuel costs, mortgage payments and not seeing real improvements in their standard of living.

The Police and political establishment are cautiously monitoring the movement. People on the left are stating the group is centered on racial and anti-inclusive sentiments. The ranks in Canada seem to be online in the neighbourhood of 80,000 if we go by Facebook membership.

I will let you read this yourself and decide:

This group is the core of Canadian Yellow Vest organizers and members across the nation, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. It opposes supranational legislation of the United Nations superseding democratic Canadian legislation and sovereignty.

It opposes the 151 year establishment parties that have become unaccountable to Canadians and the representative democracy of our Westminster parliamentary system of governance.

This is not a page for:
– ethno-nationalism

The Yellow Vests in Canada are planning convoys to drive to Ottawa, local meetings at town halls and other forms of protests. Basically they do not want Canada to be as active in support of the non-democratically elected United Nations and the various agendas and policies that are being circulated by this group.

This article is just a superficial look into the group, the origins and the presence in Canada. I will note that are a lot of views in the posts I saw that would lead people to think that this group could be potentially dangerous. I think it is important to be cognizant of the plight of our Canadian low and middle class since they are the voters that elect the government. If the government and the businesses want to keep things running smoothly we will need to see some improvements in income levels and/or cost of living decreases. People are swimming in debt and treading water delicately however the slightest ripple can cause a person to think twice about what they are swimming in.


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