FILM: The Post-Apocalyptic Craze (Video)

(Film short ‘Eve of the New Genesis‘ by JLTossounian Productions)

By Jeannette Tossounian

December 26, 2018

There seems to be this post-apocalyptic dystopia phase going on in the film industry and it appears to be attracting emerging filmmakers, like myself. I mean, I could see why, it’s cheap and easy to go out in the middle of the nowhere and create a first low budget film.

Eve of the New Genesis is a film short I created for the Fall 2018 Ottawa Digi60 Film Festival. It was the first time I actually wrote a script in advance for a film project and I was crunched to the last minute to submit my film on time.

I originally wrote a script using my boyfriend as the star and met the festival requirements of the theme of ‘change’ which had to be completed within sixty days, but what I wrote would have taken too much time and my boyfriends new job would not allow it. So I had to use the little resources around me, which meant my film either starred my cat, or myself. I wrote a film starring myself to be shot in one day in my boyfriends backyard.

I wrote up the script, set my DSLR camera on auto, placed it in my boyfriends hand and directed him. Filmed it at three different times of day using natural lighting: daytime, sunset and evening by the fire.

However, when it came to sound, you could hear the traffic of the nearby street clearly in the background of a film starring the last human being on earth. So for the first time in my recent film making career, I stripped out all the sound and added in sound effects.

I lived in nothing but a cloud of intense sounds for 2 days adding in all the little details. I decided not to use any music and only used the wind as a background tune. I even used two different wind sounds, a slow rumbling in the background and a louder whistling wind over top.

I feel like I muted the sound too much when I added my voice over afterwards, something I will keep in mind in my next films. I also look forward to discovering how to improve the sound of my narration, my mind is starting to turn my closet into a sound booth.

I can’t wait to create my next film!

Hope you all enjoy!


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