Ho Ho Hold the Presents!


By Matt Paul

December 13, 2018

Now I love the feeling of going down the stairs on Christmas morning and seeing all kinds of gifts wrapped under the Christmas tree just as much as the next person. What does say ‘Merry Christmas’ better than a stocking stuffed to the brim and a tree bursting with boxes underneath? Nothing. Nada. Zero.

Do people get extra nice and naughty around the holidays? You bet. Just add alcohol and sweeten the dessert of social cohesion. Put a smile on all the girls and boys I must say. Where am I going with this?

“Ho Ho Hold the Presents!”

Yes, I said it. Until we can live in a world where people are happy where they live and don’t feel the need or desperation to uproot and drop on our doorstep I don’t want anything more than what I have. That is my Migration pact.

Would it be too much to ask for something more for the many people with less. Starting at home   Thanksgiving was just the other day you know and now we celebrate the birth of a savior, Santa Claus or Festivus for the rest of us. Let us hold the presents and reach out to those people in our community that are in need. Face to face, hand to hand let’s do better this year. That is the Carbon Tax.

Go next door, down the street and pick up a conversation lift up someone’s heart by listening to their words. Exercising that freedom of expression, “Ho Ho Hold the presents!”

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