Parliament Hill For Rent: Anti and Pro Migration Protests Create Borders (Video)

By Jeannette Tossounian

December 9, 2018

Saturday morning on Parliament Hill turned out to be eventful as organized protests sparked by the governments decision to sign an International pact on migration with the United Nations heated up polarized political groups.

As Parliament Hill approves permits for sanctioned protests in advance, rules are loosely created on the spot as to which Canadians have the right to protest where and how, creating borders and inevitability favouring one group over the other, picking and choosing whose rights trump whose on the front lawn of the house of policy making.

While no group of protesters on either side wanted to be labelled as belonging to any particular organization, the fact that this is Canada and everyone has the right to say whatever they want and walk on Canadian soil proudly to be Canadian was ignored by all sides. The focus was on arbitrary arrests and publicly enforcing the notion of divide and conquer with everyone participating.

Those who can loosely be labelled as ‘Antifa’ did their show for the cameras, got beaten and arrested by cops and then left allowing those who can loosely be labelled as ‘KKK’ to go on with and complete their rally. Parliament security sided with the ones who did the proper paperwork and rented them for the day.


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