Grab a Placard – Support Everyone These Holidays

Artwork by Alf. A. Bravo

By Charlie Foxtrot

December 2, 2018

While you’re supporting your postie neighbours walking those picket lines and fighting for better working conditions, as they should… Heck, as we all should… I can’t help but noticed how darn jam packed the malls are.

For a few years there, I was enjoying how all the malls were dying. It was sheer heaven walking at leisure shopping for my darling grandchildren without being pestered by little unruly brats. Everyone was just content to sit at home, parents shopping online while the little ones play on their phones.

Well now that the Canada Post strike has got all the parcel shipping industry tied in a knot, good folks are too stressed out about receiving their digital purchases with enough time to see if it’s good enough to gift or send back and exchange if it’s crap. So low and behold, everyone got off their damn couches and hiked out to the mall, just like in the old days. Totally pissed me off when it interfered with my morning mall walking.

So, downtown I went, to window shop and geez louise, I couldn’t find any parking. I finally made it into that little used bookstore I have been finding gems in for decades, and it was the fullest I have seen in years. The owners says to me “Charlie, you wouldn’t believe the business this year! It’s like Santa clause answered all my prayers!”  And so I says “Good for you!” and figured good for him.

So, what the heck eh, support all your neighbours this holiday season and go shop at those cute little local stores, even those little ma and pa tiny corporate chains of a 5-10 locations that started off as some cheap basement business behind several months on rent, like my cousin did. And on your way home with all your lovely purchases, go grab some Timmies and drop it off to your friends and family out freezing on the picket line.

I am grabbing my placards right and gonna cause a good ol’ ruckus 🙂 ho ho ho


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