Celine Dion’s Tribute to 80’s Band ‘New Order’


By Charlie Foxtrot

November 22, 2018

Canadian pop icon, Celine Dion, has released a humorous new video full of nostalgia for her youth in the 80’s. Full of black and white images that were a common theme in that era, Dion goes all Goth, wearing black and looking quite witchy.

Clearly longing for the alternative music of the 80’s, Dion goes all gender neutral as she tributes the dark electronic band ‘New Order’ in black and white uniforms, artistically worn by babies. This displays the 80’s futuristic Mod theme of warning about some creepy world where everyone is just a number. The stars on the babies costumes was a wonderful touch to show that Orwellian type of totalitarianism, making it look as if she was trying to look serious, that classic 80’s pose.

The background has vivid black and white medical crosses as often worn by dominatrix’s as they whipped their slaves in underground BDSM clubs of the time, listening to Industrial bands like New Order. Also a popular band of the time was Ministry, who later released the song ‘New World Order‘ to go along with the popular opinion that it would definitely NOT be a good idea to have government Ministries taking away freedoms in a New World Order. Glad to see that Dion continues to satirically point that out.

And not to mention how awesome it was to put cute little skulls on those adorable cute little babies.

It was beautiful how she ended with supporting prisoners rights, showing us that even  celebrities could be victimized by the state and end up arrested, just like everyone else.

Thank you Celine Dion for appealing to us old folk who want to remember the good old days. I certainly hope she entertains us with more flashbacks of a ridiculous time.


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