ART INSTALLATION – The Edge of Peace (Video)

The Edge of Peace – Video Light Installation in Confederation Park – Ottawa

By Jeannette Tossounian

November 10, 2018

Across from Ottawa City Hall an aurora-like glow emits from Confederation Park. As you get closer music fills the air and slowly blocks out the noise of city traffic as one enters the park. Soon you are absorbed by an ethereal world.

The Edge of Peace is a captivating 14 minute video art installation project, screened on colourfully lit spheres that the creators, a group of multi-media artists from Montreal named Lucion, call a Moongarden. These luminous gardens are a popular sight shown worldwide with many themes.

The projections tell the story of First World War soldiers through music, pictures, poetry, song, colour and light as part of Canada’s Remembrance Day celebrations and the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI.

Happening for just a short time from November 4-11, dusk until 10:30 pm.

Full info on

Text your thoughts to the SpeakTree sphere at 438-800-0471 and it will be projected as part of the tree.

Check it out on the YouTube video.

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