By Jeannette Tossounian

November 8, 2018

It’s that time of year again when art galleries fill up with small pieces of art, perfect sized paintings to gift an art lover. One of these mini treats you have to check out is in central Ottawa at The Art House Café on Somerset Street. It’s called the ‘Our Ottawa’ group art show and it fills a room with 36 art pieces that are all 12 inches square. The theme of this show is for each original piece to feature a location in the greater Ottawa area.  It is presented by a local group called Artawa.

Artawa was founded two years ago by Kina and Brad Forney who just simply wanted to get together with artists and do artsy things. They first met once a month at the Oh So Café in the Byward Market but soon moved to The Arthouse Café not long after the establishment opened. However, since this informal little gathering has expanded and people just keep on coming, they will be meeting at the Ottawa Art Gallery starting in January, 2019.

In the 9 minute YouTube video, you can watch Kina, Brad and their friend Jessica visiting from out of town, as they hang the art up for the show while discussing the local Ottawa art scene.

There will be a vernissage for the show November 22, 7-10 pm. Everyone is welcome.

For more info check out the Artawa website and facebook page.

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