Muskrat Falls Protesters Arrested on Parliament Hill (Video)

Muskrat Falls Parliament Hill Direct Action

By Jeannette Tossounian

October 29, 2018

About a dozen protesters were arrested on Parliament Hill just after noon on the drizzly fall day of October 29th. Many Indigenous elders were among those arrested trying to reach the Prime Minister with the pictures of those harmed in the ongoing battle to stop Nalcor Energy from building of a hydro dam at Muskrat Falls in Labrador.

About 20 protesters, organized by a group called Ontario-Muskrat Solidarity Coalition initially met at the Human Rights Monument on Elgin Street to grab signs and pump themselves up with speeches. Member of Parliament, Romeo Saganash, gave a surprise speech then gave his support – then disappeared while the crowd was marching through downtown before they reached Parliament Hill to storm the barricades already waiting in place.

Protesters spoke loud and clear that the building of the hydro dam would indeed poison the water with mercury causing harm and death as it has in other areas. They then marched through barriers and were arrested before they could reach the doors of Parliament and brought to a tent where officers were ready to process the peaceful activists so they could carry their battle in court.

Watch the YouTube video for more details.


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