Big Government Sells, Jean- Serge Isn’t Buying – Book Review

By Matt Paul

October 27, 2018


Review of “A Tea Party of One” by Jean-Serge Brisson

1991 in Ontario marked the first time the NDP had won government east of Manitoba to date and the only time the NDP has formed the government in Ontario. It was a time of social progress and hope for the supporters of the NDP. One of the things enacted under the NDP was the Provincial Sales Tax known as the “PST”.  The government to raise money implemented the tax and the tax was to be remitted of the sale of goods and services in Ontario. The book keeping and administration would be the responsibility of the Small Business Owner.

The government sold this idea to tax payers and business owners and Jean-Serge Brisson, a Libertarian  was not buying. As a business owner he was intent on focusing on his Radiator repair business and due to the time and effort administering the tax for the government including remittances felt that this amounted to slavery. Well this stand amounted to a Tea Party of One.

Jean-Serge has not yielded in his efforts to not pay the tax and acquiesce to the power of the government. He remains on the outside of the system, fighting for more freedoms and more accountability of the elected officials. To this day, Jean-Serge is still in court with the tax department refusing to back down and submit to their impositions on his time and way of life. He is not alone.

As people see the ever increasing debts and size of government, the rise of political correctness and many different policies that seem to fit an agenda; Jean-Serge’s words seem to resonate with many. Reading Jean-Serge’s book will take you inside the mind of the governments mentality and to a man who despite overwhelming odds refused to back down.

You can purchase a copy of Tea Party of One online at WWW.ANKLEBONEBOOKS.COM


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